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Seven Tips for Staging Your Home

Posted by Molly Gilbert on March 14, 2017
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Everyone knows that the single most important factor in real estate is location. The second most influential aspect of a property is appearance. Even a house in a perfect location won’t seem as attractive if it just doesn’t look right. Follow these seven tips for staging your home to get the best buyer quickly.

Clear Out the Clutter

Stuff just seems to collect in our homes. It fills the spaces. Home buyers, though, want to see the potential for their own stuff. They want to see room to grow and expand their own lives. The first step to creating an inviting atmosphere when you’re selling your home is to get rid of anything that isn’t helping to sell. If you don’t need it for everyday life or if it isn’t designed to make the space look open and pleasing, it shouldn’t be there.

Open Up the Closets

The no clutter tip is especially relevant to closet and storage spaces. If a bedroom closet is crammed full of items, potential buyers won’t be able to see how much room they’d be getting. A garage or basement filled to the ceiling with things you seldom use will make your house will seem much smaller overall.

Lived In, But Clean

Sure, you still need to live your life in the space even when you’re selling it. Potential buyers, though, aren’t thinking about your life. They’re thinking about buying a nice space. Keep everything tidy and clean at all times.

Also, a home that looks lived in will allow buyers to more easily visualize themselves living in the space.

Clean the Details

Folks often overlook the little details in their homes that will stand out to potential buyers. Read these tips for making even the seemingly unimportant things sparkle.

Don’t Forget the Outdoor Spaces

Patios, porches, and decks are extensions of the interior spaces. As you’re dressing up your home to show, don’t neglect these areas. You can read more tips for creating fun, livable outdoor areas here.

Boost Curb Appeal

Speaking of outside spaces, remember that the first impression your home makes will set the tone for the rest of the showing. Make sure that the view from the street welcomes a visitor and invites them into the space. Curb appeal creates a good first impression. Buyers who enter your home with a favorable impression will see everything else in the house in a favorable light as well.

Ask Wood Realtors

At Wood Realtors, we’re here to help you sell your home. Our years of collective experience buying and selling homes in the Knoxville area have made us experts in what can be an overwhelming procedure. Working with one of our agents will allow you to get specialized advice on what choices in staging your home will work for you.

For more information contact us.

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