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Tips for Beautiful Summer Grass

Posted by Molly Gilbert on June 12, 2017
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Summer is here and the longer days mean there’s more time to spend outdoors. The perfect cookout or block party starts with a well-kept lawn. But plush lawns don’t sprout up overnight. Here are some maintenance tips to keep your grass happy and green.

Know Your Turf

The first step to a lovely lawn is confirming what kind of turf grows on your property. Different grass varieties require different kinds of attention and care. Your local landscaper, county extension agent, or even an agriculture teacher can help you identify the grasses on your property.

Give It a Drink

Keep your lawn hydrated by watering it the proper amount at the proper time of day. In the summer months, rainfall varies. So, if you’re experiencing a dry spell, watering with a sprinkler or irrigation system is crucial. Most lawns, however, need rest periods between watering days. It’s a good plan to water your lawn every other day, for about 8-10 minutes at a time. This prevents overwatering, which can damage your grass.

Additionally, watering in the morning about an hour after sunrise or in the late afternoon three hours before dusk insures there isn’t additional moisture on the grass. Excess water can breed mold and your grass can turn brown.

Eliminate Weeds

Treating weeds and other invasive plants will also improve your lawn. Many common weeds such as dandelions can wreak havoc in your yard. Simply pulling or digging up the stray invader may solve your problem. But more widespread, plentifully growing weeds like crabgrass may need a stronger treatment. Natural options are available, and there are many chemical herbicides. Do your homework first, and check with your lawn and garden center for the proper treatment and application method.

Mow Regularly

Mowing regularly creates a beautiful foundation for your garden party. Your mower blades should be sharpened and in top shape before you begin cutting. Set your blades to mow no more than one inch of grass each time. Most lawns should be mown at least once a week in the summer months, but if your grass grows especially fast, mowing twice a week will be your best bet.

Fertilize before Fall

As the summer months close, make sure you fertilize your lawn after a vigorous growth season. This extra nourishment will protect your lawn in the cooler autumn months and prepare for next summer.

These easy steps will keep your lawn beautiful, enhancing your curb appeal, and will make your party last all summer long.