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Spring Cleaning the Forgotten Spots

Posted by Molly Gilbert on March 7, 2017
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Spring is coming on fast in Knoxville, and that can only mean one thing for homeowners: Spring Cleaning. It’s the time of year to break out the scrubbing supplies and give the whole house a good clean up. Most of us try to keep our homes in a reasonably clean state year round, but every house has those forgotten spots: the nooks, crannies, and out of the way locations that escape our day-to-day attention. Over time, the everyday dirt and grime of our lives can build up in these spots. If you want to keep your biggest investment in great shape for a lifetime, remember to take care of these areas as you’re rolling up your sleeves this spring.

Spring Forward

Don’t forget that the time changes at 2:00 a.m. on Sunday, March 12th. Coordinating your Spring Cleaning efforts with the Daylight Saving Time switch will help you remember to do it every year.

It’s also the best time to change the batteries in your smoke detectors. Keep the batteries fresh to protect your home and yourself.

Top to Bottom

An easy way to insure that you’re cleaning everything that needs cleaning is to tackle each room from top to bottom. Start at the ceiling and work your down.

Remove the globes from any ceiling-mounted light fixtures. Wash them thoroughly, like you would a delicate bowl. Dry completely before replacing. You might even need to clean the lightbulbs themselves.

Vacuum and then wipe down ceiling fan blades. It’s probably also a good time to reverse the direction of the airflow.

If your vents are ceiling-mounted, clean them while you’re up there, vacuuming and/or dusting.

Off the Wall

Wipe down any wall art. Pay particular attention to the tops of picture frames. Wash framed pieces with glass cleaner. Very gently dust paintings or sculptural pieces. Dust behind the frames.

Carefully wipe down light switches and electrical switch plates. Removing them before cleaning will help avoid problems with damp cloths around sources of electricity. Dry them completely before replacing.

With hands sliding and up and down every time someone uses the stairs, handrails collect a lot of grime. Wipe them down, scrubbing thoroughly.

Doors and Windows

Wipe down all the doorknobs and handles. Scrub the back side of the knob, too. Just because you can’t see the build up doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Dust the tops of doors that are often left open. Hit the hinges with a damp cloth. Add a little lubricant to the hinges while you’re at it. Stop the squeak before it starts.

Wipe down windowsills and the tops of window frames. If the exterior screens need washing, clean those, too.

Down on the Floor

Take any rugs outside and shake them out thoroughly. Vacuuming can only do so much. With the rugs removed, scrub the floor beneath them.

Clean or replace any entry mats/rugs. These items see a lot of foot traffic, often of the wettest and dirtiest kind, so you want to take the opportunity to make them as clean as you can.

If your vents are mounted low on the walls or come through the floor, clean them well. If you can lift up floor registers, you can clean out the vent itself. If you’ve got kids, you know that all sorts of things can end up in low vents. You might find some lost treasure down there!

Furniture, Cabinets, and Appliances

Any piece with a knob, handle, or lever needs cleaning. The more often you use it, the more you’ll need to scrub.

Take off the couch/chair cushions and get rid of whatever you find underneath.

Electronic equipment like TVs and computers collect dust even more than other areas of the house. Using an anti-static cloths, wipe down all the surfaces, cords, and cables. If you can easily lift the equipment, clean underneath and behind, as well.

Vacuum refrigerator coils. Clean coils mean a more energy efficient unit, lowering your utility bill and insuring a longer life for the appliance.

Clear crumbs from toasters and toaster ovens.

Wash or replace the stove vent screens.

Know Your Home

As you’re cleaning your own space, you’re bound to find some areas and items not listed here that need a good, deep scrub. Taking the time to look carefully at your home and to treat it well will make your most important space the best it can be.

Simple tips like these can extend the life of your home, and can make it easier to sell when the time comes. If you engage in some deep spring cleaning and decide that the time is right for you to sell, contact us here at Wood Realty.


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