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Reasons to Insulate Your Home

Posted by Molly Gilbert on July 28, 2017
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With the recent week of 90°+ days (and even hotter heat indexes) in Knoxville, you might have been contemplating ways to make your home cooler. Significantly cooler days are still weeks away, and even then thoughts will turn to keeping your home warmer when winter finally arrives and nighttime temperatures get into the single digits. Before you start your internet search for stronger cooling and heating units, though, you should consider your home’s insulation. This one often overlooked factor can make a huge difference to several different facets of your home’s life. Take a look at these reasons to insulate your home.

Temperature Control

Here’s the obvious and most immediately noticeable difference: temperature. We all want our homes cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Those temperature differences will make your home more comfortable, increasing your quality of life right away.

With less fluctuation in your home’s interior temperatures, your cooling and heating units will be more comfortable as well. And less strain on those units leads to another big benefit to insulation:

Lower Utility Bills

By keeping the temperatures steadier inside your home, insulation will lessen the power demands of your cooling and heating units. Less power demand means immediate cost savings. And immediate cost savings means that…


…Insulation installation offers a tremendous Return on Investment. This strong ROI will show up in the short term with your utility bills and in the long term when it comes time to sell your home. Buyers will appreciate a well-insulated home for the same reasons that you do.

Easier on the Environment

Insulation also improves the quality of life for everyone else. Less power use leads to lower demand on power plants. The less power the plants need to produce, the less pollutants enter the environment. Adding insulation will help keep temperatures locally lower now and globally lower in the future.

Sound Control

Beyond the temperature control benefits, which is what everyone thinks of when thinking of insulation, it also offers sound control. A well-insulated home will allow less sound from the outside to enter the quiet sanctuary of the indoors. Remember the more comfortable temperatures in the house? It’ll be quieter, too.

Another Layer of Protection

Insulation also provides an added barrier against pollutants, allergens, and moisture. It can act sort of like a house-sized filter, absorbing the air-born irritants so common during certain times of the year in Knoxville.

The moisture barrier effect comes about when the insulation prevents the temperature changes that can lead to condensation on interior roof spaces.

Let Wood Realtors Help You

If you’re looking for a home with better insulation, or if you’ve already insulated and are looking to benefit from that invest when you sell your home, let Wood Realtors help you. Contact one of our agents to begin the process!