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Realtor Spotlight – Patrick Michael

Posted by Molly Gilbert on July 14, 2017
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Patrick Michael

This month we continue our series of Realtor Spotlights with a piece on Patrick Michael. We hope these intimate looks out at agents will show the sense of community that we work to build here at Wood Realtors.

Patrick Michael Has Done Everything!

I have done everything! I worked with the Heartland Series…even worked for TVA. Originally, my background was in public relations and marketing, but now I have been a REALTOR for 20 years with Wood Realtors.


I chose this agency because it was a family-owned business. It was more local. And, it was an established company in the downtown area. Our offices are only 3 miles from the Henley Bridge.


Along with working with a company that is more established, there’s a sense of integrity and respect in the community. Wood Realtors has been a South Knoxville company for 60 years and that says a lot about the family, the business itself, and the level of trust in the community.


I really like the people I work with at Wood Realtors. Even though we operate more autonomously, we help and support each other. I am not reliant on a large team or trying to conform to a branded franchise. Because we are relatively small, we can easily interact and pass along information. Some of the larger companies are very aggressive and competitive. There’s not always a lot of consistency in the information going to the customer when larger agencies have big teams within the office – there’s more room for mixed messaging.


At Wood Realtors, I get to have my own office and my own space. I deal with my clients directly. They are not worried about having to deal with an assistant. They don’t feel like they are lost in a big company. I am able to deal with them more one-on-one.


I think of myself as your in-town REALTOR – not downtown necessarily, but your in-town REALTOR. I really like the advantages of being near downtown and working in the city of Knoxville. The music scene is really hopping now. Knoxville has so much to offer culturally. As far as quality of life here in Knoxville, it’s just easier to maneuver here.