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Planting Annuals for Mom to Brighten Her Mother’s Day

Posted by Molly Gilbert on May 9, 2017
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Mothers Love Flowers

There’s something about mothers and flowers. In fact, some of the earliest celebrations of Mother’s Day included a bouquet of flowers along with a heartfelt card. This Mother’s Day, you can add your own spin on the traditional celebration by planting flowers for your mom—or a mom in your life. By planting a garden for Mom, she gets the benefit of beautiful flowers that last longer than a week and your home will be brighter for summer. What better way to take advantage of warmer weather than planting annuals for Mom?

Annuals Defined

Annuals are a classification of plants that mean exactly what they sound like they are; they bloom and thrive for one season and usually do not regrow, like their opposing cousins, perennials, which return year after year. Though planting annuals may seem like a repetitive task, annuals provide vivid pops of color and versatility for your yard and outdoor living spaces. Here is a list of popular annuals that can be planted in containers or in the soil. These beauties are sure to spruce up your home and make Mom smile.


These fun flowers come in all shades of orange and gold. Their bright, full flowers look cheerful as they draw your eye and contrast with their deep green foliage. Most grow to be 10-12 inches high and flower all through the spring and summer season if they’re properly maintained. Marigolds, too, have a pest repellant quality, so that means the flowers and leaves are safe from pesky insects and they may even protect your other plants.


These lovely blooms display a kaleidoscope of colors in the blue and pink family. Some are solid, some are striped, and some are variegated, which makes this flower a perfect choice for creating variety. Petunias vary, too, in their foliage: some creep, some climb, and some spill, which will help you create interest and drama on your porches and patios. They love the sun and will bloom all season.


Snapdragons are a member of the pea family and they produce small flowerlets on tall stalks. The flowers resemble tiny dragon heads, but they are anything but scary! Snapdragons bloom in a varied palette of colors that range from pale yellows to bold saturated pinks. Some varieties are fragrant so they’ll attract butterflies and enliven your yard. These lovelies bloom through summer as well and will even last through fall in warmer areas.


Much like the snapdragon, salvia produce vertical flowers which make them stand out in your garden and in containers. Their blooms are feathery or flame-like so they add texture as well. Though they are most often saturated reds, yellows, and oranges, some varieties of salvia produce blue flowers, an elusive color in the annual world.

Use your annual know-how to boost your curb appeal and to create a lasting gift for your mom!