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Maximize Your Outdoor Living Space

Posted by Molly Gilbert on May 15, 2017
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Warmer evenings mean more time outside. What better way to spend that time than on your front porch or patio? Here are a few ways to add to your home’s outdoor living spaces by incorporating more indoor design elements.


Choose interesting textiles. Rugs, cushions, throw pillows, and even curtains can bring texture and color to your porch or patio. Textiles can soften hardscapes like concrete or brick and make the spaces seem cozy and inviting. Durable fabrics ensure that the materials you choose will last through all four seasons.

Plants=Color & Dimension

Add color and dimension with plants. Just as you would hang pictures in your living room, plants create visual interest outdoors. Select plants that are hardy to your zone (your local garden shop can help) and get creative. Consider contrast and color when you begin your garden; the more color you can incorporate, the more interesting your space. You can also customize your porch or patio with containers. Remember almost any plant can be grown in a container under the proper conditions. You can experiment with materials like metal, wood, ceramic, and classic terra cotta.

Beyond the Grill

Think beyond the grill. Outdoor entertaining is practically synonymous with grilling—and it should be! There’s not much better than a barbeque with friends. But, think of the other ways you might entertain outside and stock your porch or patio accordingly. Does a family game night sound fun? Use a coffee table to set up checkers and Monopoly. Create a reading nook with a comfy chair and a warm lamp. A rustic cabinet stores craft supplies along with dishes, flatware, and drinkware when you do break out the grill.

Little Details

Don’t forget the details. A festive wreath on a newly painted door can showcase your style. Pretty candles and candle holders enliven an outdoor area and drive away pesky insects. A well-stocked cooler helps you beat summer’s approaching heat. Sidewalk chalk and bubbles in an easy-to-access container make sure your littlest guests get in on the fun.

By extending your indoor flare to your outdoor spaces, you create more places to entertain and enjoy your neighborhood and your home.