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Creating a Great Homework Nook

Posted by Molly Gilbert on August 11, 2017
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Knoxville area schools are cranked back up and that means only three things for all the students: homework, homework, and homework. When your kids come home after a long day at school, they’ll need an excellent spot in your home to do their homework. A dedicated place to get that done is quite important. Consider putting together a homework nook for all the students in your home.

Consistency builds good habits. We all want our young learners to develop the work habits during the school years that will become the work habits in their adult world. Consistency in the workspace can also make the homework nook “feel like home.” If children are comfortable and secure in their work areas, their learning will thrive.

Check out these tips for creating a fabulous and effective homework nook in your home.

Shhhh…Learners Need Quiet

A calm and quiet location for the homework nook will improve the student’s ability to concentrate. Too much noise from the television or the bustle of the kitchen can draw attention away from the homework at hand. Try to assess the relative noise levels in your home before deciding on a spot for the homework nook.

Quiet means visually quiet as well. Clean out the clutter from homework nook. Too many visual distractions can be worse than too much noise.

More Light!

Whether the light comes from natural sources like windows or from strategically placed lamps or fixtures, every homework nook needs good light. Better lighting leads to less strain on young eyes. Being able to see what they are reading, writing, coloring, or working out can only add to their ability to grasp the material.

Homework Nook Space and Size

Consider the physical needs of the students using the homework nook. Do they need a large, flat surface to spread out all their materials? Will multiple kids be working in the same place at the same time? How tall are the tables, desks, and chairs? Remember that smaller people can’t use the dining room table as a writing desk in the same way that a full-grown adult can. Make sure that your homework nook has appropriately sized flat areas and chairs for everyone using it.

Stock Your Homework Nook

Supplies in the homework nook should always be readily available. A two minute search for a pencil can quickly lead to a wasted half-hour! Keep a box of pencils, pens, paper, sharpeners, colored pencils, and whatever else your little learners are going to need for the year. Having the needed equipment at arm’s reach will help to maintain the focus that is so critical to strong learning.

Have a Great Year

Everyone here at Wood Realtors hopes you and your children enjoy a fantastic school year. If you’re having trouble finding a functional homework nook in your home, maybe it’s time for a new home. Contact one of many knowledgeable agents and let us get you into a home that will meet all your homework nook needs!