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Five Reasons to Use Mulch in Your Yard

Posted by Molly Gilbert on July 21, 2017
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Knoxville is at the height of the lawn and garden season, and you might be looking at your home’s outdoor spaces wondering why yours doesn’t look as good as your neighbors’. Take a nice, long look at your yard. Have you cut the grass carefully? Have you eliminated weeds from the lawn? Have you planted flowers, shrubs, bushes, and other ornamental plants? Have you mulched around those plantings?

Make People Say “WOW!”

Many people trying to improve their home’s curb appeal will attend to these matters effectively, except the last one. Regular and careful use of mulch can make the difference between a yard that yawns and one that makes people say “Wow!”

Check out these five reasons to use mulch.

Retain Moisture

As the temperatures reach closer and closer to the triple digits, plants get thirsty much more quickly. A 3”-6” deep layer of mulch will help to retain moisture in the soil. More moisture held in by the mulch means less watering through the hot season. It also means healthier plants throughout the summer.

Insulate the Soil

That thick layer of mulch will also help to regulate the soil temperature, both in summer and winter. Roots won’t get too warm in the summer and won’t freeze in the winter. Think of mulch just like the insulation in your home. Better insulation means less stress!

Feed the Plants

If you choose an organic mulch, you will see some soil improvement as the mulch breaks down over time. Gradually the nutrients in the mulch will find their way into the soil, feeding the plants in your beds. So your plants will be well watered, well fed, and cozy in their mulched beds. All of that leads to happy, healthy, vigorous plants.

Control Weeds

Mulch will also help to control the plants you don’t want. That 3”-6” layer will help to keep the weeds at bay, leaving all the water and nutrients for the plants you want instead for the one’s you don’t. Mulch won’t completely eliminate the presence of weeds, but it will making controlling the unwanted plants that pop up much, much easier.

Boost Curb Appeal

The final benefit is the easiest to see: nicely mulched beds simply look better. More attractive plantings in your yards equals better curb appeal for anyone viewing your home, whether it’s only your neighbors or it’s potential buyers. When the aesthetics of your home is heightened, everyone wins.

Help with Home Selling

If you’ve already improved your home’s curb appeal and now need help selling, the agents at Wood Realtors can help. Contact one of our many REALTORS to start the process.