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Knoxville native Matt McLean started his professional career as an athletic trainer taking care of the University of Tennessee athletes. During his tenure there, he enjoyed the fruits of being part of the 1998 National Football Championship staff.

Wanting to explore new fields, he started a real estate investment company in 2005. After a decade of full time investing, Matt decided it was time to go back to his roots: taking care of people.

“As an athletic trainer, I walked intimately alongside people, helping them navigate trials and encouraging them not to lose their vision or their identity.”

To Matt, real estate transactions are not much different.

“This is what I’m made to do. I love people and have a passion for real estate. I see it as a privilege.”

When he is not serving his clients, Matt likes to get out into the woods, put a line in the water, watch movies, dote on his three kids and kiss his wife…a lot.


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