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Ann joined her father, Mike and brother, Michael, at the company in 2003 after taking time away from the working world to be with her children, Ben and Grayson. Originally recruited to be the office manager and bookkeeper, she soon obtained her real estate license and took on more management responsibilities in the family businesses and properties.

Ann takes a measured and methodical approach to her work making her well-suited for the chief financial role. She is very goal-oriented and likes a plan for getting from A to B. Though this approach has its merits, she is envious of her brother’s willingness to pick up the phone and dive into the unknown, feeling his way as he goes. These differences have served to produce a brother-sister team that works well together, fulfilling different needs for the company and their customers. They often co-list properties — Michael may do the exploratory work and negotiating, while Ann takes the photos, produces marketing materials and maintains documentation – and they each watch out for the other. And that concern for, and loyalty to each other, reaches far beyond the business.

In addition to Ann’s official responsibilities, she is the resident “tree-hugger” for Wood Realtors, instituting recycling policies and taking on the crusade to get useable excess into the hands of people and organizations that need it. She is trying hard to be a good steward of the environment and cherishes her quiet time in nature. And like her older sister, Susan Wood Reider, Ann has a passion for art and creative endeavors.

Ann and her husband, Rob, are dedicated “DIYers” and have a home on Norris Lake where they completed nearly all of the finish work themselves from built-in cabinetry and hardwood flooring to tile work, setting fixtures and adding decks, giving her first-person construction knowledge. More recently she has concentrated her creativity on the use of driftwood to make lamps, furniture, framing and more.

Ann is a graduate of Vanderbilt University and spent a number of years in the marketing department for Valley Bank after graduation. In addition to her two grown children, she has adopted and cared for numerous canine and feline orphans over the years. Her most recent “project” is Annabelle, a rescued Treeing Walker Coonhound from West Virginia originally adopted by her son Ben to live in Washington DC…after 6 days in Ben’s one-bedroom apartment, Annabelle came to live with Ann in Tennessee. Go figure.

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